Ronnie Foden wearing Little Bliss hoodie in blue

Our newest, cutest fan!

So it went something like this. Our middle boy, 10 year old Euan is a huge Man City fan. He lives and breathes the team and has a special affection for marvel midfielder, Phil Foden. Recently I realised my Little Bliss instagram account wasn't only following the superstar footballer but also his cute little boy, Ronnie Foden (who has an instagram account managed by his parents with millions of followers!). 

Euan explained to me that he felt we should send little Ronnie some special Little Bliss pieces. I laughed. It would be a long-shot at best but I indulged him and messaged them, no doubt becoming one of the thousands of messages they received to the account that week. Anyway - turns out they liked our message and our product. And the rest as they say is history! 


They kindly put our Little Bliss brand on their gigantic platforms and also sent me these gorgeous pics. 

Ronnie Foden in Little Bliss blue t-shirtRonnie Foden wears Little Bliss hoodie in powder blue

(Ronnie wears Little Bliss t-shirt and hoodie in powder blue with the classic 'Little Bliss' print. Also available in 'weekender' print). 


We in turn sent them these! 

Moral of the story - sometimes it's worth taking a chance! 

Anna & my newly appointed Director of Marketing, 10 year old Euan x x 


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