The Little Bliss Story


An ethical, lifestyle brand developed for the times we're living in. 

As a TV presenter my professional life involves a glam TV studio environment with lighting, cameras, perfectly groomed hair, high heels and even higher expectations! At home it's a different story. 'Don't feel any pressure to make ANY effort for me' my hubby often jokes! I clearly don't. My hair gets tied up and the sweats go on. I do hope other mothers on the school run aren't too horrified when they see the 'real me' versus the 'tv me'!! I LOVE and LIVE in sweatshirts, hoodies, tees and jeans and now they've become my side hustle! And girls (and guys!) we all need a side hustle!! 

Little Bliss - This must be the place! 

For me, Little Bliss is about those precious few moments when you enjoy a 'isn't this glorious' kinda moment.  

It might be that holiday escape (we haven't enjoyed one of those in a while!!) looking out at the palm trees and lush bougainvillea in the algarve sunshine with a glass of white wine in hand feeling like you've earned it. You KNOW you have!! I'm so committed to that beautiful image of the palm trees and vibrant Portuguese gardens (we've enjoyed lots of wonderful holidays there) that I even married my husband, Ben, amongst them! And they've informed the design of this new 'Little bliss' brand. 

It's not all palm trees and sunshine though, a 'Little Bliss' moment could be the solitary coffee before you collect the kids, that blissful moment you steal to read a few pages of your book or escape to your yoga class and breathe properly for the first time that day or laugh at your favourite podcast. It could be that moment where you're standing looking out your kitchen window eating nutulla from the jar. Don't say you haven't done that!!

This collection isn't just for Mums (or Mams or Ma's!), it's for everyone. It's for those with kids and those without. It's for little boys and little girls. It used to irk me that there was a steady offering from retailers for mini-me options for girls but none for the little boys. So, I've catered for us all and my collection is unisex. From little monsters to little blissful dreamboats! 

Here's to family. And being ourselves. Being cosy, chic and doing it in an ethical way where the cotton is organic and the clothing produced is Fair Wear and packaging sustainable. 

I hope my pieces end up being clothing you'll Love and Live in too. Maybe you'll have a moment of 'Little Bliss' in them too! If you do, I'd love to hear about it! 

Thank you for supporting my small, Irish, startup business. Every purchase is hugely appreciated and it'd mean the world to me if you decide to tag @littleblissbyanna on instagram or facebook. A positive review will make our day but all feedback is hugely appreciated. 

Anna x