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Little Bliss

Wool Lounge Socks

Wool Lounge Socks

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The ultimate in cosy chic! 

Made with natural wool, these socks are a versatile year-round outdoor accessory with your boots or at home getting cosy on the couch! 
Authentic wool with a chunky knit finish, these socks are natural wool and skin friendly. They are also mulesing free (which means the wool doesn't come from farms who use mulesing - we are about kindness - see below re *mulesing). 

Natural wool, skin friendly, warms well. 
80% natural wool 
20% polyester/acrylic (recycled) 
Ideally wash by hand or in a cool wash. 

One size - 35-41 (3-8 UK) 

*Mulesing is a painful surgical procedure for sheep and it can be avoided. The alternatives can be more expensive methods but we do not go for the cheap or easy methods here at Little Bliss. We want to support farms and manufacturers who are doing the right thing, mindful of the world around them. 

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